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"Honest and gripping, a gut-wrenching story that goes to the places so many authors are afraid to go. Clark’s tale of cause, effect and tumult is fantastic. This is what literature is about – the visceral human experience in all of its guts and glory." - Nick, Reading Other People 

 A good novel is a grand escape that can both captivate with its words and intrigue with its characters, where there are no boundaries and the imagination can run wild.  A well-written story can pull you into its world to experience the lives and feelings of its characters, from despair and heartbreak to panic and suspense to triumph and bliss.

Jodi discovered her passion for writing at just twelve years old during an essay assignment for school, finding that her words flowed effortlessly on the pages until she had written more than was even required.  She discovered healthy expression through poetry in her teen years, publishing various pieces in several anthologies with other authors.  It led her, through the years, to penning short stories and, eventually, novels.  In addition, she has worked as a freelance writer for a local magazine and several online sites.

Jodi penned her first novel, a non-fiction piece, without ever publishing it.  Her second, a fiction story entitled The Disappearance of Benny, was published in 2008, followed later by Aiding Revenge, Matriarca and Bleeding Panther in 2013.  In 2015, she revised and republished The Disappearance of Benny, renaming it Mother Condemned, with additional content and storylines.  She also revised and republished Bleeding Panther.

"I'm a wife and mother whose passion for the literary arts has never waivered.  I value my readers and listen closely to their feedback because it makes me better at what I love to do, which is to entertain them.  I strive to always give my fans an escape through stories that I hope will captivate them and keep them reading, stories, without 'fillers', that they can't put down.  That is always my goal and, if I've done that, I've done my job as an author.  That's my kind of success."